The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation was established to provide assistance to projects which further human potential through encouraging excellence in the arts, opportunity in education, enhancement of the lives of children and the elderly and the empowerment of women.

The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation (FLCF) seeks out philanthropic opportunities in the following areas:

• the arts
• education
• children and the elderly
• empowerment of women

Please note that FLCF will not consider applications from:

• private foundations
• political advocacy groups
• religious organisations
• medical research projects
• animal welfare organisations
• unsolicited individuals

All applications for funds must be project based. We are interested in innovative and cost effective proposals with clearly defined goals. We will not respond to general fundraising appeals or contribute towards the straightforward maintenance of existing services or general operating costs. In addition, FLCF looks favorably upon multi-year projects.

The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation is a registered charitable foundation under the supervision of STIFA and the FMA and is independently audited by Comptrollers Ltd. The origins of the funds have been verified and are compliant with all relevant rules and regulations.